5 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp
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Don’t you sometimes wish there was a magic pill that you could swallow which will make you the sharpest person on earth. Well, until scientists develop a pill like that, lets take some action on our own to prevent our … Read More

What does Hillary’s success mean to women in the US
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Last night, we saw history being made when the Democrats chose Hillary Clinton to lead the party and to run for the president. Shortly after Clinton’s speech, Hillary spoke to her supporters via video message and thanked them for giving … Read More

5 Worst earthquakes you need to know about
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Though we have all heard of earthquakes, if we have not seen one, we won’t be able to know what it is to have the ground slipping beneath you. Mother nature has given us some of the worst memories of … Read More

Donald Trump trying to steal Sanders’ voters: Sanders fights back
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Last night’s GOP convention was a big night for Donald Trump, where he accepted the Republican nomination to run for the President. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, introduced her father after giving a speech about Donald Trump’s generosity, his policies towards … Read More

5 Big cats that are difficult to find.
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  Domestics cats are adorable and we all love them. In return they also shed their love to their owner. Most of us only know much about cats, but when it comes to big cats, there are only a few … Read More

Trump’s Republican Convention was devoted to Clinton
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This year’s election has been a rough roller coaster ride, from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s unexpected wins in the primary to Hillary’s email scandals. After getting much resistance from the republicans, Donald Trump has finally secured the republican nomination form … Read More

Copycat busted: Malania Trump accused of plagiarism
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Hours after the first Republican convention, where Melania Trump delivered her very first speech, the verdict came out that a good part of her speech had been taken from the speech that Michelle Obama delivered 8 years ago in an … Read More

Top 5 amazingly tall buildings in the world
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Have you ever wondered how it feels to look down from a height of over 500 meters. It gives me a shiver just to even talk about it. There has been an ongoing competition to come up with the tallest … Read More

5 things you need to know about Nice terror attack
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1: The killer was a French Tunisian man.  Police has still not confirmed the identity of the man, however he was locally named as ” Mohammad Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, aged 31, living in Nice. He is known for petty crimes but there … Read More