5 Celeberities with massive debts

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Think you are hardly getting by? You are alone in this race. Many celebrities, depite earning millions, have come accross financial difficulties. It thier poor management of money and lavish life style that leaves them in financial trouble.Here is a list of 5 Hollywood celebrities who have accumulated debt that have crossed millions.

1: Kanye West:

Kanye West

Last year, Kanye revealed that he is in major debt, $53 million, to be precised.


2: Charlie Shean:

Charlie SheenThe star is reportedly in $12 million dollars debt which incliudes legal fees and citing mortgages. The star has been in major financial eversince he left Two and a half Men, which was bringing him more than $600,000 per month. Now he is down to a little over $80,000 per month, which is definitely heratbreaking for someone who was earning millions at one point.

3: Toni Braxton:

Toni BraxtonToni Braxton has run into financial trouble multiple times. In 1998, she filed for bankcruptcy after finding out that she was under 5million debt. In 2010, she filed for bankruptcy again, owing a whopping $50 million to different retailers and IRS.


4: Pamela Anderson:

Pamela Anderson

The Bay Watch model has been in financial trouble quite a few times. The real cause of her debts are Taxes and her cost of living.

5: Mike Tyson:

MIke TysonThe boxing champion filed for Bankruptcy in 2003. He owed more than $13 million to IRS, according to New york TImes.

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