5 Signs You Have OCD

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OCD or obsessive Copulsive disorder is a condition which is an anxiety disorder and causes great discomfort. People with OCD are often battling with their behaviour and thoughts. People with OCD get unwanted thoughts which they are unable to control. Here are 5 signs that a person with OCD may have.


Over Checking:

signs of OCD
People with OCD tend to check things again and agian to make sure it is how they want it to be. For example, if you are waking up in the middle of the night multiple times to check whether you turned off your stove or not. Checking things to make sure they are done the right way is a good habit, but doing it over and over is a red signal .


signs of OCD

Can’t resist washing your hand all the time? It could be OCD. People with OCD tend to think that anything they touch will pass its germs on, so they keep their hand sanitizer handy They are also afraid of passing their germs to others, hence the hand cleaning.

Unwanted Sexual Thoughts:

signs of OCD

People with OCD often have random sexual thoughts. They often imagine themselves with strangers.

Hating your Looks:

signs of OCD

People with OCD are often worried about their looks. They seem to dislike themselves as well as their personality. They are always comparing themselves to others which often results in a low selfesteem.


signs of OCD

People with OCD tend to be extremely organized. They take organuzaiton to the next level. The symmetry, the color, and everything else has to be just perfect. They can easily be annoyed if things are not according to how they want them to be.

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