5 Interesting facts about teeth
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We have always been told to brush our teeth atleast twice a day, and get regular check ups with our dentists. How about if we fo a little deeper and get to know our teeth a little better. I have … Read More

5 Fun Facts about the English language you did not know
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1 A new word is added to the dictionary every two hours     2 Swims will be Swims even if you turn it upside down     3 I am is the shortest sentence in English language     … Read More

5 Best Airports in the world
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  According to the consumer -aviation website Skytrax, Singapore Changi International Airport has won the best airport award for the 5th consecutive year. More than 550 airports were inclued in the survey and out of those here are the top … Read More

5 Celeberities with massive debts
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Think you are hardly getting by? You are alone in this race. Many celebrities, depite earning millions, have come accross financial difficulties. It thier poor management of money and lavish life style that leaves them in financial trouble.Here is a … Read More

5 countries that eat dog meat
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Does the idea of eating dog’s meat gross you out? Well, it may not be the case with the part of the world. There are many countries where dog’s flest is considered a delicacy. So next time yor are visiting … Read More

Top 5 Richest Countries in the World for year 2016-2017
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The list of the richest countries in 2016-2017 is out,and it seems that Gulf countries are still leading the list. The wealth of any nation depends on its GDP growth and Per Capita Income(PPP). Per Capita Income: According to Wikipedia, … Read More

5 companies with awesome employee perks
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Companies are coming up with  unique ways to keep their employee retention high. More and more companies are willing to provide exotic retreats and paternity and maternity leave. Perks do make a significant difference in employee retention. Many employees are … Read More

5 highest paid youtube stars who made millions
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Eversince it’s launch in 2005, youtube has been a source of survival for many people. It has given many people a platform where they can make use of their talent, and itn return, make the most money. You might want … Read More

5 ways to stick to your new year resolution
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  So you already know it’s that time of the year again. Everybody is talking about new year resolution and how they are going to work on it. Give yourself plenty of time. All you hear is lots of promises. … Read More

5 Big cats that are difficult to find.
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  Domestics cats are adorable and we all love them. In return they also shed their love to their owner. Most of us only know much about cats, but when it comes to big cats, there are only a few … Read More

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