5 basic Vitamins you should know about

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Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of our diet and defeciency of any important vitamin can make our body not perform up to it’s potential. But our body does not need all the vitamis every day. In fact, there are some vitamins which can cause harm in some cases. Here is a closer look at what you should take and what to skip.

Folic Acid: 

Folic acid is found in leafy green vegetables, fortified cereals, bread, pasta and citrus juices. It is usually taken by women during  pregnancy to prevent birth defects.




Are you taking your multivitamis religiously to decrease the risk of heart disease? Well the latest research does not show that they can lower risk of heart disease, or cancer. Taking multivitamins is not a bad idea but majority of vitamins should come from your diet.



Potassium can reduce risk of stroke and heart disease. It’s found in bananas, raisins, leafy greens, oranges, and milk. COnsider taking Potassium supplements if your diet is not rich in potasium. But be careful: Too much potassium can also be harmful, specially for people with kidney disease.

Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C is found in citrus food like oranges, lemons, berries as well as brocolli and green peppers. There is much hype about taking vitamin C to prevent cold. One study shows that it can reduce the length of a cold by one day.

Vitamin D: 

Vitamin D helos the body absorb calcium and is necessary for bone health. Sun exposure for 10 minutes a day can give us enough vitamin D for the day. Milk and fatty fish can also contirbute towards the daily dose of vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D can result in Osteoporosis.


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